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Originally Posted by modena View Post
The P4/5 comparisons are inevitable, as they are in every thread regarding a new Ferrari model. When the F12 press pictures were released people here were saying the rear the rear was a rip off of Jim's design. Imho the people that come out with these things are somewhat delusional, everyone's an expert on automobile design all of a sudden.

It's like clockwork around here. We got one new picture of the F70, you just happened to be the first one to bite
At the end of the day, the inspiration is less important than the end result. Personally, I don't care if it was inspired by Mickey Mouse. If it looks phenomenal we will all be happy! P4/5 looks phenomenal, the vast majority of folk would agree. If F70 is held in such high regard, that's a good thing. The teasers encourage us to believe that it stands a very good chance of delivering.
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