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Originally Posted by modena View Post
Top of the car looks similar to 458 in my eyes. Doesn't have the P4/5 style engine cover that was seen on the early test mule pics.

Other than that, two round taillights (not first seen on the P4/5 as some here to believe) and a Ferrari logo on the rear.

Every time Ferrari releases press pictures of a new car, whether it's the 458, F12 or FF, we see several posts to the effect of "I see a lot of P4/5 in this design" and "Hey, Jim, are Ferrari paying you for letting them use your design". Spare me.
Clearly there are lots of different sources of design inspiration in this car, from a variety of sources - and not all of them Ferrari. Nothing wrong with that. My comment re P4/5 was totally instinctive. Upon seeing the rear end picture, P4/5 immediately sprang to mind. It is my honest opinion. Others will see different. When we see the full picture and not just a partial shot, opinions will no doubt change again!

As for sparing you - might I suggest the opposite. We don't need this thread taken off track by descending into the reasons for P4/5 commentary. This is the F70 thread.
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