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In Europe its really a matter of getting to know your local dealer and getting a order placed.

They will always take an order with deposit, its just a matter of then opening up a dialouge to ensure you get yours as quickly as possible and then not flipping it. Once you have one on ordered and delivered the next one is much easier.

Thereafter you can start pulling them out closer and closer to launch.

I have a 599GTBF1, I asked for one for my brother and was given a 6 month lead time (and have been informed it is 2 months early). When I know for a fact that they are quoting 30 months to anyone else including current customers. They pulled one out, maybe due to the fact they have seen me in my SLR, and Carrera GT or because I said "see what you can do I will send you a deposit" and I did 50,000 Euros without any order in place, so an obligation was in place kind'a !

In the mean time they have taken orders for a Grand Turismo (Sept 07), 430 replacement (late 08), 2 x Dinos (Jan 09) and almost promised me one of their Enzo replacement allocation (they have 2) in Quater 2, 2009.

It also interesting that once established at this level other dealers will also happily allocate you cars well before their regular customers. So there must be a register in place, Kind'a!!
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